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    The mission of this collection is to create meaningful clothes that promote equality for humanity. This brand aspires to raise awareness for the positivity in people’s lives and in the world around them. The clothes will be meaningful with inspiring words and generate certain curiosity about humanity with the exotic trims sourced from around the world.

    My name is Hindi Jain and I am a world citizen.  I have been in the business of fashion my entire life; growing up in my mother's boutiques and then going on to work for world renowned fashion houses such as Ralph Lauren and BCBG MaxAzria to name a few. From my experiences working in the industry, I thoroughly understood how to create and sell a product from start to finish, but I just felt like something was missing... purpose.  I went to India this past January and had a spiritual awakening.  I realized I had the ability to make a powerful statement with my clothes and that my line could make a difference to the economy of India.  Every time I go to see family, I feel hurt by my surroundings of very real poverty amidst extravagant luxury.  I am ceasing this opportunity to try to make my difference. 

    I was born in New Delhi, India and raised a U.S. Citizen.  I speak Hindi, English, French, Spanish, and a little Dutch.  I am fascinated by people and world culture, which is why I studied international business in during my college years.

    How can my line impact the economy of India?

    1. There is currently a stigma in regards to "Made in India".  
    2. Encouraging luxury brands to start producing high quality products in India. 
    3. No Titles. No Borders. World Citizens. 




     What defines luxury in consumer goods is a heritage in craftsmanship. 

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    You can contact me directly at: hindijain@hindijain.com